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Which language? Useful Portuguese phrases A collection of useful phrases in European Portuguese, the type of Portuguese spoken in Portugal. Jump to phrases See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder. Estou sim?

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E o senhor? E o senhora? Quanto tempo! What's your name? Como se chama? Eu chamo-me Where are you from? Venho de Sou de Boa sorte! Good Health! Toasts used when drinking Viva!

Portuguese phrases - Top 10 Portuguese sentences you should know!

Have a nice day Tem um bom dia! The use of accents is also different. As in Spanish, most of the time the second-last syllable is stressed and in every other situation, apart from when the word ends in a vowel, you have to write the accent to indicate this. In Spanish it's the group of vowels before the last consonant, but in Portuguese it's simply the second-last vowel itself. To show you what I mean, an example I like to use is the translation of Pharmacy drug store.

In Spanish it's farm a cia.

The stress is on the underlined a and no accent is needed. If you don't, then i gets the accent. This means that conditional verbs don't need accents: comeria, faria etc. Ele falou….

Basic Portuguese Greetings

Portuguese complicates conjugation somewhat by adding an entirely new tense. The future subjunctive , where Spanish just uses the standard present subjunctive, which Portuguese also has. The good news though, is that Portuguese simplifies a few other things with regards conjugation.

The vowel changes that occur in Spanish and make conjugation that extra bit complicated, are much less frequent in Portuguese.

36 Portuguese Words You Need To Learn Before The Olympics

In a post like this, I can only ever give a superficial list of some important differences. For a more in-depth look at technical differences between Spanish and Portuguese, see this Wikipedia entry. You really need to get busy speaking Portuguese if you are to learn how to communicate in the language! There are many ways to make sure you don't mix up your Spanish and Portuguese.

Constantly practising both is the best way.

Can't travel to Brazil yet? There are so many ways that I keep writing about how that isn't a valid excuse. In fact I learned my Portuguese before ever even going to Brazil. Portuguese has an extra boost to help non-travellers learn it:.

How to Learn Portuguese: essential tips for absolute beginners

I messaged a few directly to meet up with and even saw a discussion about getting together to watch a world cup match. I have continued to do this in other countries — and it's not just limited to major cities: I even met Brazilians in my hometown in Ireland through Orkut!!

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Previously with Orkut, and now with Facebook, finding and hanging out with Brazilians is easy. Brazilians are way more friendly than locals in countries they are living in and once you show genuine interest in their culture and language, you can bet they will be extremely helpful.

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  • Portuguese is my favourite language because Brazilians are my favourite people. If you have other tips, or thoughts on anything in this post, share them with us in the comments! And finally One of the best ways to learn a new language is with podcasts. Read more about how to use podcasts to learn a language. Starting point — European or Latin American Spanish?

    Very important pronunciation differences Now, even when you are dealing with words that are exactly the same or very similar in Spanish and Portuguese, pronouncing them the Spanish way is a mistake. So the famous Brazilian word saudades is pronounced [Sa-oo-DA-jeez]. This occurs at the start of words, where two r's are in succession and unlike in Spanish, which doesn't trill it at the end of words depending on the dialect. Rio has a special accent with extra unique features that I wrote about in great detail here. This would be slightly more similar to the European Portuguese accent thanks to a few features.

    This one is pretty short and you'll hear it a lot in Brazil. Different writing and word formation You can usually equate some words directly between Spanish and Portuguese, but the writing changes for the style of the individual language.