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Why is this happening? According to the study, a supportive classroom environment and positive social relationships also affect teen well-being—but the impact is indirect. Positive self-concept seems to be the key variable in the well-being equation. If a student feels good about herself, then she may be more likely to connect with others and benefit from the supports provided at school.

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So, how can we influence how students think about themselves? This may feel like a very tall order; yet there is a lot of research out there that provides some clues for supporting the teens in your life. Here are five ways to help tweens and teens move toward a more positive self-concept. Although you may have heard this before, kids really can benefit from regular exercise especially when their tendency is to sit in front of a screen.

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Apparently, the exercise setting also matters. Students who participated in supervised activities in schools or gymnasiums reported more significant growth in self-esteem than those who exercised at home and in other settings.

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So, encourage more regular exercise programs during and after school, and support team sports, strength training, running, yoga, and swimming—not just for their effects on the body but on the mind, as well. What am I achieving? Am I good enough?

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How do I compare with my peers? What would happen if we could stop judging ourselves? Participants with higher self-compassion demonstrated greater well-being. Some research suggests an association between social media and depression, anxiety, loneliness, and FoMO fear of missing out among teens. Of course, there is always the option of taking a break from social media, as well. Regardless of what teens choose to do online, many of our schools are also structured for social comparison.

Your son may think he is a terrible athlete, but he lights up when he works on school science projects. She may feel socially awkward, but she wows you with her poetry. She claims that self-concept is domain-specific. Our overall self-esteem or sense of worth tends to be rooted in eight distinct areas: athletic competence, scholastic competence, behavioral conduct, social acceptance, close friendship, romantic appeal, job satisfaction, and physical attractiveness.

Talk to the teens in your life.

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You had a breakup , and now you have no self worth. This way of thinking is actually typical in people with low self worth.

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Creating a false history, constantly re-writing events, playing the victim and blaming others is a way to avoid facing our long history of inner pain. This cycle of denial and blame can be easier.

But it leads to more pain in the long run. Until we deal head-on with our past, we will always be running from our very selves, and creating the same difficult pattern again and again. A study showed that in fact people with low self-esteem actually sabotage relationships with their poor skills at asking for support. Backhanded methods like whining, acting sad, and sulking lead to negative responses from partners.

Positive thinking , pushing yourself harder, pretending you feel better about yourself than you do, ignoring how you feel and hoping it will just go away. Low self-worth has deep roots, and deep roots require committed digging. There are methods you can start working with yourself as soon as today. These include.

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A professional counsellor or psychotherapist creates a safe space for you to work through what is behind your low self worth. He or she will also help you with integrating new ways of relating and being, that gently but surely raise your esteem. Ready to get serious about getting some self worth? Not in London or the UK?

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Use our booking platform to find a UK-wide registered therapist or talk from anywhere with online therapy. Still have a question about self worth or want to share your personal experience with other readers? Use the comment box below.

The Real Reason Your Self Worth is Low – and How to Fix It

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