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Happiness Beyond Thought Gary Weber. The Last Lecture Randy Pausch. Rise Sister Rise Rebecca Campbell.

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The Road Less Travelled M. You Are the Placebo Joe Dispenza. Emotional Alchemy Tara Bennett-Goleman. Review quote "The Soul of Success encompasses everything I believe in. Integrity, faith, honesty, intuition and courage are traits that we all have, yet we sometimes forget to trust and believe in them. Trusting in your soul is the key to your success.

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Well written and worth the read. During the economic boom, I might have believed that if only I could be more authentic, present and focused I could easily obtain financial success. I might have reacted to this by feeling inadequate, unfocused, etc. But reading this now, I think helps to clear away the comparisons and let me receive the information more clearly and objectively, not through the 'how do I stack up?

This book is still very va I am very happy that I read this book during a time of economic turmoil. This book is still very valuable, even if it has been misused. I learned a lot from this book. I have even had the privilege to meet some of the contributors. They are all extraordinary women.

It is a moving experience to read about their many adventures and life lessons. The ones that especially struck and amazed me were the stories of healing, medicine and dance. I believe that many of these things truly work and I would like to explore them even further.

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It was great to read about other women who are interested in the same things that interest me. I was also very struck by an essay about a woman who has an extreme form of empathy.

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This characteristic and the way she described some of her experiences with it felt just like some of my experiences. I plan to see a woman that I was close friends with for many years in the past today. It will be only the second time that we have gotten together recently after many years of working too hard and not having a life outside of our jobs. I plan to show her this book, and if she is ready, and if she is interested, I plan to give my copy to her. Apr 15, Tami rated it it was amazing.

Often, we define success by how much money we have in the bank and the quantity of material possessions we have. Curl up with a nice hot cup of tea and be prepared to laugh, cry, and begin to awaken to who you are and how you will define your success.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Empowered Woman

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