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Not one of them moved from the party room and they had great fun joining in all the songs and actions. In fact, they are still singing some of the songs a month later! Lucy was extremely professional and I received good communication from her leading up to the party — she was punctual and really good fun. Melissa Reed — Parent. Our children thoroughly enjoy your drama classes which are highly inter-active and encourage both their listening skills and creativity.

Some of our nursery songs!

Sarah was so lovely and all the kids really enjoyed the entertainment. She had quite a tough job as they are all just turning 2 so their attention span is quite short, but she did an amazing job of keeping them all entertained. Sarah was so friendly and kind and everyone said afterwards what an amazing job she had done. Anna Walters — Mum of Olivia aged 2 , Chiswick.

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There is too much to say. Every Thursday he wakes up and becomes happy. He sees the building and starts to smile. Our children love Callie Sparkles. She is very enthusiastic when she comes and the children are always excited to see her and what she might have in her special bag this week. She keeps things very varied for the children and every week has something new to introduce to them either by an active game or singing with the key board in a very high pitch which I can not dream of reaching or even combining the two and covering music and movement. I just wanted to say that Jodie Sparkles was totally brilliant today.

Not so with Jodie! She had the little ones captivated and everyone thought she was fab. Mummys and little ones alike. Thanks so much! Jo Tauscher. The children loved the dance session.

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They were fully engaged using the colourful props. A wonderful experience that they spoke about for days after! The extra surprise was to notice how even the adults attention was captured when Lucy sang — there was chatty background noise and then… silence. It was like magic!


Shannon Reed — Mum of Jasper aged 3. Sparkles Dance is absolutely delightful. The children are totally captivated and enjoy every second of the class! We were really happy with Jodie Sparkles and her assistant. She was well organised, showed great management skills over the kids and organised some fun and engaging activities. All of the children really enjoyed themselves and the mums and dads that did stick around to drink the beer and wine on offer were impressed.

Many of them have come up to me since and thanked me for organising a great party with great entertainment. We would definitely recommend you guys and hopefully come back to you again next year. Thanks again!! Roger Bolton — Dad of Mae aged 6. Lucy Sparkles is a great professional. Her weekly sessions are very important to our families. They are also great fun for children and parents alike! Roxie about Jude 19 months — Baby Room Nurseries.

Only a few months ago we switched to Lucy Sparkles for our weekly music class after using another provider for many years and we are really happy.

The children really look forward to Cecily arriving each week with her magic sparkly bag. Cecily has such a lovely voice and the children are totally captivated when she plays her guitar and violin, it fills up the room with such a lovely sound. I wish I had a time machine so that Yvette Sparkles could be the entertainer at my own 4th birthday party!

I loved my dinosaur party. The best part was when she read my favourite story. We had masks and I chose the T-Rex! Thomas — Four year old birthday boy. Lilly was really happy to see Lewis, it was a great surprise and when we asked her what the best bit of her birthday party was she immediately said singing with Lewis. One of the other parents delayed taking her son to pre-school so as he could finish the singing with Lewis as he was having so much fun and I had others crying when their mums said it was time to leave!!

He managed to make Lilly feel so special and whilst she was a little shy to start with, she was glued to his side… It was great to see! The singing was lots of fun and the children all had a great time. Please thank him for us, and thank you for arranging it all. Kelly Hunt — Mum of Lilly and Alfie.

Just to say a BIG thank you! Callie Sparkles was amazing and did lots of music and dancing. It was a big help to us and the children absolutely loved it! Thanks for organising so last minute. Carla Shohet. Lucy brings a sparkle to our day. Quiet children come alive and we all love the guitar. When the children here the doorbell going on a Wednesday morning they all shout for Ella Sparkles and scream with excitement. Ella is full of such enthusiasm and really keeps all the children engaged from start to finish. She is lively, bubbly and fun, and wholeheartedly throws herself into each and every lesson with absolute passion and enthusiasm.

All the parents and children who attend our Sparkles sessions with Sally Sparkles absolutely love them! We have a full session every week with parents queuing up to get in! Veronica Sparkles and Sarah Sparkles provide calm yet stimulating lessons which engage all the children at Marmalade Bear. It is wonderful to hear the children singing new songs and developing their creative abilities. I just wanted to write and let you know that Bella had a lovely party thanks to the wonderful Jodie! Thank you again for squeezing us in at short notice. Becky Ford — Mum of Bella aged 3. Ben Sparkles has been with The Park Gardens Nursery for more than a year as a peripatetic singing teacher.

He takes the sessions very seriously and is able to manage children of different ages in groups of twelve.

He uses a variety of instruments, a parachute and lots of visual aids. Some of the songs are original and they are mixed with familiar ones. He has an excellent record of attendance and is always punctual. Ben always shows care and commitment in all his work with the children and in turn they love having him here.

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He will go out of his way to ensure the children in his care are safe and secure at all times. Ben would be an asset to any nursery class. He conducts himself well in his duties within the setting and is professional, trustworthy and beyond reproach. We love Lucy Sparkles because she does nice singing. Child age 3 — Park SW2 Kindergartens.

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Children thoroughly enjoy her lessons, learning about different tones of music, different musical instruments and new rhymes and songs. She incorporated the party theme and everyone was so impressed with the spread and how it was all arranged and healthy!

A pleasure working with her planning the event and will definitely be using her again. Batsi Mutasa — Mum of Maya aged 2. She arranged everything, the cake, the food, balloons and even the party bags! She was really friendly and easy to deal with throughout — nothing was too much trouble — and she was a calming presence on the day.

She decorated the table beautifully in a frozen theme and the kids tucked in to the home made goodies. I got loads of compliments from other mums about the food.