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I take her to dialysis three times a week because she refused to take a service where she has to be there between 6 and 6 am. She has several doctor appointments between that. That includes blood work for being on Coumadin, traveling to different cities to maintain her dialysis ports, a different town to for her cancer appointments. I maintain her medicine, all appointments, shopping, cleaning of the house, and with the help of an elder aunt who helps me with the care of my sister who has MS. I am also employed full time.

I had to move into her home with my family because it is already has a ramp on it for my sister. My family is not made to feel welcomed.

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My mother is always complaining about everything we do and what she does not want us to do around the house even though she can barely do these things herself. And on top of that I have to hear that my sister is calling our family out of town that I am not moody and fussy. I admit on some days I am because I cannot take mama treating me as if I am a live in maid instead of a daughter who is there for her well being.

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She gets mad at us for even going to visit our daughters in college. I mean to the point where she yells at me for going away. It is never more than two days because I cannot get someone to look after them for longer than that because they run them away because they do not want anyone to help them with anything. Some days are harder than others.

Can I get paid for caretaker services already provided to my mother?

If it was not for my faith and my love for my family I am holding on. I have given up everything I love to do. With the help and support of my husband I did finish college which I started before mama became really ill. This is my second care giving tour. I watched my father pass away from colon and prostate cancer.

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  • Just like you said it could be the sickness that has them mad with the world. My sister is pretty much the same way since she came down with the illness in the prime of life. Mama's cancer is pretty much spreading really fast all of a sudden. She is showing all kinds of symptoms. One of them is she has explosive bowl movements.

    I mean it is just all over the bathroom. She refuses to have a home healthcare nurse come in and help especially on those days I just have to work. Never mind we have been approved to have someone come in. So when I get home or in the middle of the night I am cleaning and it sometimes takes a hour to get the bathroom clean and together..

    Page 1 of 2 -- Discover two more ways to show your mother just how much you care on page 2 3. Communicate with your mother Many of us have less than perfect relationships with our mothers, especially when it comes to communication. Improving the way you communicate with your mom is a good way to show her that you care and want to make the best of the time that you share together. If you struggle with communication, refrain from having high expectations for talks about difficult issues such as money, family and career, Monk advises.

    And be sure to listen to your mom and what she has to say, and to acknowledge her contributions to the conversation. Monk is also careful to acknowledge that mother-daughter relationships are inherently complicated. It is such a close and fraught relationship at times," she says. Although it may seem futile, making an effort to improve communication with your mom shows her that you care about your relationship.

    Let your mother be who she is It's easy to mistake "caring" for your mom with wanting to change and improve her, especially if your relationship is challenging to begin with. However, Monk says that it's important to accept your mother for who she is. When listening to your mom, try to see things from her perspective. Medicaid, by law, cannot pay for room and board. However, many states offer supplemental financial assistance from state funds to Medicaid beneficiaries who live in an adult foster home situation.

    This additional financial assistance is intended for room and board expenses. State Medicaid programs offering adult foster care.

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    Under Veterans Directed Care, veterans are able to select from whom they receive care services. Veterans with a certain level of care needs, require personal care or personal care attendants. This program gives veterans the option to hire whoever they choose, including family members, such as their adult children to provide them with personal care services.

    Adult children caregivers are paid an hourly rate. This rate is determined annually by Veterans Health Administration and modified for regional differences in home care costs. It is difficult to accurately project what caregivers will receive, as each veteran is assessed for a different amount of home care assistance. The program is run at the local level through participating VA Medical Centers.

    See a list of participating VAMCs here. How they can be used to pay individuals to provide care for their aging parents is a little complicated. It is important to understand that the dollar amount of pension that a veteran or their spouse receives depends on their current, non-pension related income. The second important factor is when calculating income, the Department of Veterans Affairs allows the beneficiary to deduct all care related expenses from their income.

    This can include the cost of personal care assistance provided by an individual or home care agency. Therefore, an aging parent can hire their adult child as a private caregiver. The adult child invoices their parent for their caregiving services, the parent deducts those invoices from their income, and the VA increases their pension check by the amount of the invoices. While confusing and seemingly roundabout, this approach is well documented, legal, and encouraged by many VA benefits experts. The concept of Consumer Direction discussed under Medicaid is not limited to Medicaid programs.

    Most states offer what are loosely categorized as nursing home diversion programs. These are state funded programs that provide assistance to elderly individuals who live at home with the objective of preventing unnecessary placement of these persons in Medicaid-funded nursing homes. Some of these state programs allow for consumer direction of care services. Phrased another way, program participants are given the flexibility to choose their own caregivers.

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    This allows participants to choose their adult children to provide them with care services and assistance, instead of working with a state-chosen caregiver or home care agency. Caregivers are paid a rate comparable with the average hourly rate for home care in their geographic area. Unfortunately, these programs are not available in every state. Further limiting this option is the fact that some programs allow for consumer direction, but do not allow family members to be hired. Finally, many of these programs are means-tested this means eligibility is based on the financial resources of the participant.

    As with many of the programs described in this article, the process is complicated. The policyholder, while living, engages in what is called a life settlement. The buyer pays the policyholder a lump sum amount, they take over paying the monthly premiums, and when the policyholder passes, they collect the full amount of the death benefit.

    In taking this approach, the original policyholder receives a lump sum of cash from their policy while they are alive. This money can be used directly to pay a family member, such as a son or daughter, to provide care. However, a better option exists called a Medicaid Life Settlement. This type of life settlement allows the policyholder to preserve the option to receive Medicaid in the future, should the proceeds from their life settlement run out.