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Sarah Young. Music See All. Look Up, Child Lauren Daigle. Lauren Daigle. Elvis Presley. In order to attach guests to your ministry, the first step is to follow up with a letter, phone call, or visit. For example, to move students to a group ABF, Area Bible Fellowship , Sunday school, small groups, or whatever you call your group structure , here are some simple suggestions we have observed: Simple step 1: Encourage students who attend a group to invite students from the entry-level program to the next step.

Simple step 2: Set up a booth manned with volunteer group leaders ready to answer questions from students. After emptying into the Dead Sea, the once vibrant water becomes salty and loses life. Just the opposite; it is dead because there is no output. There are no rivers or tributaries taking water out of the Dead Sea. Plenty of fresh water flows in, but with no outlets, it gets salty and funky. Only stale, gross, salty water remains.

And it dies. Student ministries pour into students but often make the mistake of not moving them to mission.

Simple Youth Ministry -

Missions are the experiences that breathe life into the teaching. Talented teachers, discussion leaders, musicians, and administrators may be of great value, but if each person moves in his own direction, the team and, ultimately, the students suffer. Organizationally implementing the process everywhere brings each of the campuses into alignment around the process. Unity is promoted, not because everyone meets in the same room, but because everyone is moving through the same process.

Extra programming, activities, and events will actually get in the way of students moving through the discipleship process. Briefly construct a pie chart of how you spend your time. For the sake of the example, use these three areas: developing yourself Bible study, reading, etc. When you remove everything outside your process, your focus is on the essential programs that place students in the path of discipleship. The strategy of options not programs makes reproducing a ministry much easier. A simple process and programming philosophy is essential in reproduction.

Simple is always more reproducible than complex. You can kill two birds with one stone by attaching special events to an entry-point program. If you offer an event that is not combined with one of your essential programs, be sure there is a clear next step for those who attend the event. You can determine the next step by asking, What do we want the students to do after the event? Think on-ramp, not cul-de-sac.

While the focus of Life Groups is to learn biblical truth and build solid relationships, groups have the freedom to switch the focus of a night if necessary.

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Instead of the regular study, the group can focus on accountability or discuss and pray for an issue a group member is experiencing. Students who get opportunities to live out what they have learned experience transformation. Sign-up is available at the back of the room, and a contact person is available to answer questions. Students can connect immediately and get questions answered. Instead of the student ministry announcing all the other ministries, the relational approach is more effective. Information cards are placed on each table and students can sign up immediately. Alignment is also a huge factor with multiple student ministries on different campuses.

If each campus were pursuing discipleship different ways, the result would be chaos. The prayer phase of accountability week is a designated time of prayer for unsaved friends. Each student receives a business-size First Priority prayer card with spaces for five names. The purpose is to write down the name of five friends who need a relationship with Jesus and pray that week for their salvation. Here are the questions for spiritual inventory: 1.

Student Ministry

How is your communication with God? Are you reading your Bible? Are you having your quiet time? Is your conduct reflective of your walk with God? Have you invited the five people you listed on this card? The Club program consists of three basic elements that engage students to be open to the gospel: music, humor, and a message.

Occasionally, a small group will hold students accountable through the use of RPMS. These are bold questions about how each person is doing relationally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have-and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.