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Archived version. The Euro-Rus YouTube channel is still active. In , he, together with Aymeric Chauprade, actively assisted the escape from the Dominican Republic of two pilots who were arrested in while boarding a plane carrying 26 suitcases of cocaine; an Interpol red notice was issued against him.

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This does not seem to impede him from frequently traveling between France, and Russia, as his social media activity shows. The deputy chairman of the youth organization is his wife, Ksenia Shliamina. Shliamin welcomed the annexation of Crimea to Russia and called for the establishment of a monument to the controversial Crimea referendum of Ksenia Shliamina was press spokeswoman of the Novorossija Spasidonbass Foundation, which called for the annexation of Eastern Ukraine to Russia.

See ZFD. We talked with State Duma Deputy Anton Morozov, a member of the Committee on International Affairs, about the prospects for cooperation between Russia and Germany in the context of sanctions. Meeting organizers: United Youth Front. German broadcasts began to appear on Crimean television and radio, and five German Lutheran evangelical communities were created. Although the police subsequently proved the story was completely made up, the damage had been done: Even Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov gave a public statement accusing the German government of covering up the case.

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One-third of participants said they did not vote. Priska Daphi et al. It teaches techniques ranging from hand-to-hand combat, knife fighting, and firearms training to survival in extreme situations.

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Today, Vityaz is a private training centre led by former commander S. Lysyuk that offers training to private security personnel, as well as to special forces. Just like its master and god-father Odin-Wodan, the wolf has a connection to the otherworld and to the different areas of consciousness.

It stands for growth and a willingness to learn from people. The wolf is very much connected with its environment. It perceives the heartbeat of the earth. The moon gives it strength, hence often the symbolic image of a howling wolf under the moonlight. But the wolf also symbolizes the dark side of our existence and reminds humans to acknowledge such. The wolf as a power animal comes when you need strength during confrontations or when you have to acknowledge the strength of a community, without denying yourself or your dreams.

The wolf brings spiritual energy and intuition. Egmont R. Igor: Athletes from Chechnya live in Germany and Austria. They do judo, sambo, martial arts or wrestling. We snuck them in as spies. We gave them money to donate to local mosques. They quickly assimilated, gaining trust and influence. Contacting them was forbidden for a year. After a year, we could assign them duties.

  • Wenn das Gehirn älter wird: Was uns ängstigt. Was wir wissen. Was wir tun können (German Edition).
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Timestamp []:. Koch: So you also monitor Chechens? Dugazaev: Yes.

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K: Do you do that in mosques? D: Yes. Many Chechens worship there. I can speak with people from Chechnya. These people could come to Chechnya as suicide bombers. K: Do you send this information to Chechnya or maybe even to the Russian secret service? What he tells me is sufficient. K: Do you also keep an eye on people, who oppose Kadyrov? S: laughs No. Semyonov: Many of them are athletes. Koch: And they came seeking asylum?

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  8. S: I think so. K: But they are pro-Kadyrov? K: How can that be? I read about it. Is that also news to you? K: For the first time? S: Yes. There was a large group of teenagers, including Tobias [Pfennig], who were in Grozny. Happy holiday city of Grozny. Covert Action Publications, Inc.

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    Notify me of new posts by email. Logo: Alternative for Germany. Russian billionaire Konstantin Malofeev is strongly invested in the dissemination of ultra-Orthodox propaganda. He chairs the board of directors of Tsargard TV, a Russian television channel, which had hosted i. He is president of the neo-Eurasianist think tank Katehon, which serves as a publication platform for Russian and European far-right figures. Petersburg — March 22, Aleksei Kochetkov, involved in Russian radical right-wing politics since the s, has been attracting both far-right and left figures for election monitoring programs.