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Also included is a brief overview and results of two major initiatives undertaken in California to provide improved access to diabetic retinopathy screening for underserved patients in central California and in rural Indian Health Programs. Skip to main content.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Advertisement Hide. Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Practice Guide. Chapter First Online: 22 February This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Cuadros J Diabetic retinopathy screening practice guide.

How to Grade Diabetic Retinopathy

CTEC website. Accessed 7 June EyePACS related resources. Diabetes Care 27 Suppl 1 s84—s87 Google Scholar. Accessed on 6th Feb.

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Cornsweet T Visual pathways presents: fundus imaging topics: the great pixel race. Although this concept is very new to the US, it is an excellent reference in any training program that might involve community health workers or diabetes educators or other health personnel that might be used in community interventions.

Toward equity in health: A new global approach to health disparities. Wallace, B. Toward equity in health: A new global approach to health disparities: Springer Publishing Company. Description: This book offers case studies that can be used as potential templates for developing DRR disease related interventions in the US. Of particular interest are cultural empowerment chapter 3 , chronic vs acute disease and new paradigms for individual and population health chapter 4 , health disparities chapter 7 , developing multi-interventional programs with the community and major stakeholders chapter 14 , and training community health workers and peer educators section 6.

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Power Point Presentation [Download]. Diabetes Care ; Eye care has lagged behind in making this distinction.

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One commonly hears the term diabetic patient, or diabetic retinopathy used in eye care clinically and in journal articles. This article discusses the use of language when partnering and conducting interventions and clinical care with persons with diabetes. Planning diabetic retinopathy services: Lessons from Latin America.

Community Eye Health, 24 75 , Byrne, M. Diabetes Care, 37 11 , ee Cuadros, J. Telemedicine-based diabetic retinopathy screening programs: An evaluation of utility and cost-effectiveness. Smart Homecare Technology and TeleHealth, 3 , The last article C discusses the practicality and cost effectiveness of using digital retinal screening in a community approach for rural or remote locations where current service is unavailable in the United States. All three articles address the practical nature of setting up a screening, the potential for success and comparing costs to traditional DRR care.

Diabetes RElated REtinopathy [book]. Chous, A. Diabetic eye disease: Lessons from a diabetic eye doctor. Auburn, WA: Fairwood Press.

Description: This book was written by Paul Chous diagnosed with type 1 diabetes who was inspired to become an optometrist by his brother who was also an optometrist. Paul attributes a timely screening and diagnosing DRR by his brother as saving his vision. The book describes and presents the important complications diabetes has on the eyes. It is written in an engaging style primarily for consumers who want to be informed about the best evidence based research. It is also a good practical guide. The book mentions little known facts on how diabetes influences tearing in the eyes, sensitivity of the cornea and can be associated with cataracts.

Diabetes and healthy eyes toolkit: a flip chart for health promoters. Diabetic eye disease education program: Diabetes and healthy eyes toolkit, a flipchart for health promoters. Description: This is a government document available online and in book form arranged as a flip-chart that can be used in a DRR eye education program.

It is written in a simple to understand format English and Spanish It also assumes an average education level of literacy and understanding.

Estimating Risk of diabetes related retinopathy [web site]. Description: This web site is an informational as well as a retinopathy estimator based on evidence based research. By calculating and inserting the blood glucose level A1c , blood pressure and duration in years of diabetes a percentage estimate of DRR risk is given. This is an excellent website for presenting and illustrating the importance of intra-professional collaboration and reducing factors responsible for developing DRR.

Diabetes related retinopathy: What you should know [Govt document online and book form]. National Institute of Health.

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