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Flood myth

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An Altar in the Wilderness. Kaleeg Hainsworth. The Measure of a Man. Martin Luther King Jr. The 13th Step. Jude Currivan. Silence and Beauty. Makoto Fujimura. Thou Art That. Peter Novak. Myth : A Biography Of Belief. David Leeming. Corpus Hermeticum. Malcolmist The Alchemist. Nicholas P. The Qabbalah, the Secret Doctrine of Israel. Manly P. The Trinity Matrix Roger A. Goddess Aloud! Michelle Skye. The Spiritual Science of the Stars.

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The GREAT Flood That DESTROYED The World According to Chinese Legends

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Example Flood Legends From Around the World

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A wealth of deluge legends

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From this discussion emerges a frightful picture of the ancient world where civilizations were affected time and time again by vastly destructive cataclysmic events. The world changed—mountains rose, continents shifted, cities and islands sunk, species were obliterated, and whole populations were wiped off the face of the earth.

Legends regularly validate others as true histories. If the floods they spoke of were not global, their effect was. This roller coaster ride of evidence will challenge the worldview of ancient and geologic history that have been taught to us.