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This is nothing more than a low rent approach to what can now be referred to as Amera-Trash. That asshat is everywhere you turn. Can we not at the very least go to the opera to escape him? Shame on Seattle Opera for allowing that pap on their stage!! Poor Verdi, poor Hugo… Both in the public domain and unprotected from regular debasement and mutilation by the rabid and talentless morons and perverts incapable of producing anything original of artistic or esthetic value.

And they are supported by public taxes. Where I disagree with her is that I cannot recall a perception that even the dullest traditional production celebrated a character like the Duke of Mantua. Most people think Pinkerton is a louse too. If there was charm to what they did, that only made the story more plausible. A Verdi opera about Donald Trump? Look at this: from This all too often deprives our present-day productions of the sense and meaning intended by the composer, and leaves the producer open to the suspicion of being insufficiently prepared, insufficiently familiar with the material with which he is working, and — most important of all — insufficiently sensitive to the one essential component of music drama, namely the music.

Artificial originality smells worse than stinking fish.

Verdi in Victorian London

Peter Maxwell Davies, in a late interview in Opera News, said he had given up writing operas in disgust at the continual misinterpretations of what he intended. And he was a living composer with copyright protection. Rued Langgaard wrote an opera called Antichrist.

I wonder if someone will revive that and make it about Trump. Looking forward to that…. The one wonderful thing about Donald J. He has no Carterian humanity. He has no Nixonian guile. He has no Johnsonian mastery of politics. He has no glorious Kennedan way with words. He has no Eisenhowerian practicality.

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He has no Trumanian basic horse-sense. Donald J. Trump has no knowledge of how a democratic government is supposed to work, and he has no interest in learning how it is supposed to work. He has no knowledge of world diplomacy, and he has no interest about learning about world diplomacy. He has no knowledge about domestic affairs and how they directly affect the lives of the people living in The United States, and he has no interest in learning about them. His various Twitter and verbal pronouncements are all bluster, obfuscation, and self-aggrandizement.

What DOES he offer? His obviousness. He tell us exactly who he is every day, and sometimes many times in a day. He is there, right in our faces, for all of us to see.

Did it ever occur to people who despise modern productions of operas that operas were often set in the past relative to the year when they premiered so that the composer and librettist could obfuscate themes and plot points that would get them in trouble with the censors? When everyone on stage is wearing a ruff that thing around the neck , small minded people get distracted from the fact that the characters are talking about rape. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab.

After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Is Rigoletto really about Donald Trump? By norman lebrecht on July 2, Share on facebook. Despite appearances, it's not as easy for children as it may look; wait a while. Mozart died only weeks after completing it. The William Tell overture is one of the most famous pieces of classical music.

Verdi Rigoletto HD - Leo Nucci, Nino Machaidze

Yet Rossini's enormous, final opera, involving the fight for Swiss freedom, remains a rarity — despite thrilling arias and exciting choruses. Boasting the famous Casta Diva aria, Norma is the ultimate bel canto tragedy about a druid priestess who, secretly, has two children and an erring lover, with catastrophic results. The exuberant and prolific Donizetti's sharp humour is at play in the shrewish character of the love object, Adina. Scott's novels were all the rage in Europe, with 16 turned into operas by, among others, Bellini, Rossini and Bizet. Verdi, one of opera's greats, had a long career.

For many his Egyptian Aida is an ideal first opera. For dramatic intensity, Rigoletto — compact, tuneful, melodramatic — is even better. The hunchback prompts pity when he tries to protect his daughter. Perhaps Verdi's most performed work, La Traviata contains all the elements of operatic addiction: a beautiful, consumptive, fallen-woman heroine, grand Parisian party scenes, the travails of love, a troubled father and a deathbed scene, all set to Verdi's faultless score.

Hard to beat. Known in both its French and Italian versions, this enormous five-act work based on Schiller shows Verdi at the height of his powers. Like Otello written in a final, brilliant outpouring in , Falstaff — after Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor — is a Verdian favourite among buffs, though some find its quixotic, quick-fire charms less beguiling.

Knowledge of the final fugue, celebrating the folly of the human condition Tutto nel Mondo is essential to any opera lover's armament. Considered the stronger half of the popular "Cav and Pag" double bill, Pagliacci the clowns is Leoncavallo's one surviving hit, usually paired with Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana.

Top 50 operas | Music | The Guardian

Mimi, the Bohemian seamstress of the title, her poet lover Rodolfo and their destitute Parisian friends capture the pains and pleasures of young love in an attic. Dubbed a "shabby little shocker", Tosca opens with three crashing orchestral chords and never lets up until the opera-singer heroine, having stabbed the villain Scarpia and watched her artist-lover Cavaradossi die, leaps to her own death. He abandons her, then returns with a wife. Catastrophe ensues. After a first-night disaster, it became one of the best-loved operas. Puccini's final opera is about the man-hating Chinese queen Turandot, and Calaf, the man who finally melts her icy heart.

When Puccini died leaving the opera incomplete, it was finished by a composer friend, Alfano. Others have also tried, but Alfano's is the version commonly used.

Rigoletto song translation from german

Written to a backdrop of revolution, Beethoven's only opera is a hymn to freedom and marital love. But when injustice reigns, one woman's grit may not be enough to save her love. Featuring the voices of imprisoned people, this daring adaptation pits corruption against courage, hate against hope. Rutgers Presbyterian Church W. See more of the original production here.

Also featuring the voices of more than incarcerated singers and 70 volunteers from six prison choirs:. Ethan Heard directs plays, musicals, and operas. Marcus Scott is a playwright, musical theater writer and journalist. Marks , among others. Bass-baritone Derrell Acon is a uniquely accomplished performer whose repertoire ranges from the comic to the tragic and even the sensual. In , Mr. Imaginative, adventurous, and occasionally downright terrifying, audiences have found in Bass-Baritone, Daniel Klein an exciting example of versatility.

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Emma is an internationally-trained director, choreographer, and teaching artist based in New York. Her work has brought her to India, Italy, Poland, Taiwan, and France, choreographing for actors, singers, dancers, students, and puppets. She performed from childhood with her mime father, Mark Jaster and attended the Lecoq school for physical theatre in Paris.