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Inside Fear the Great, they encounter Malice enemies, beings resembling other characters made up of malice. They recognize Judge Nemo 's voice from the Malice creatures as Judge Nemo was the one possessed by Fear the Great for he possesses the most malice.

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Fenrich notices Judge Nemo's reasons destroying the humans and demons, Nemo as a malice creature mentions that he is doing it for his family and Artina. Fenrich asks Artina the past between him and her, Artina explains that Nemo was a soldier in the war between his and her countries years ago. He had been captured by the enemy country and was tortured but managed to escape. Nemo learned that his own country thought he was a spy and killed his own family. Nemo wandered inside Artina's clinic and she saw how poor shape he was in and treated him. Due to Artina treating an enemy of her own country, she was suspected of being a spy and was killed.

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Artina reveals that Nemo had been tortured and subjected to the evils of humanity until his morale was broken and that he now sought revenge on humans, demons and angels for the death of his family and Artina. Back in the present, Fenrich thinks they have a clue to defeat Judge Nemo's malice, to make believe in God so he can see Artina.

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They encounter Nemo in malice form once gain, Fenrich tries to talk Nemo into believing in angels and tells him that Artina would not approve of what he is doing. Nemo refuses to believe him and sends malice enemies to attack the party. As they come face to face again with Nemo in malice form, the whole party tries to talk sense into Nemo and make him believe in angels. Nemo is stubborn; he can hear Artina but refuses to believe she is there. I was not at all surprised in to run into him unexpectedly while he was holding forth on the deck of the Queen Mary.

His conversation is knowledgeable, argumentative and good-humoured. In appearance, he looks intellectual but tough. Footnote: Greg told me when he read the above that he gave up quarterbacking in Junior High, getting tired of being knocked down, but has suffered around ten broken bones from surfing, baseball etc.

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Most famously, of course, he has combined two complementary careers, academic physicist and science-fiction writer. But he was already active in science fiction long before either of these careers took off. Benford has been a Californian for several decades now, but his childhood was in the Deep South, in Alabama, plus years spent in Japan and Germany because his army-officer father was posted there. Benford has a Texas connection too. Not bad going for a teenager.

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Like so many other sf writers, Benford began life in the science-fiction world as a fan, and rather a notable one. He was, for example, co-founder in of the celebrated fanzine Void with his identical twin James, at the age of fourteen; subsequent co-editors included Ted White and Terry Carr. By now Benford was moving westward, and he did his undergraduate degree in physics at the University of Oklahoma, graduating in Professional writing came quite a bit later than fan writing.

It won second prize in an amateur writing contest held by the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, but he wrote little more before Much of his early work, and some later, was written in collaboration. These stories and novels included some written with his brother Jim, with his sister-in-law Hilary, and most importantly with Gordon Eklund.

There were later novels in which he collaborated with William Rotsler, and subsequently with David Brin.

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His earlier novels were usually based on stories previously published, sometimes by reworking three or four of them and putting them together in mosaic style. In another writer this could be laziness, or a mean-minded attempt to wring every possible last nickel from previously published work.

With Greg, I think the motivation is quite different.

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He gets dissatisfied, he wants to work out the implications of ideas more rigorously and deeply. Like a terrier with a bone, he shakes an idea and tosses it about and buries it, then digs it up again to worry it still further. For example, his first novel was Deeper than the Darkness, published by Ace Books in So he expanded and rewrote it into a more sophisticated version, The Stars in Shroud, It sees value in and uses the soft sciences sociology and psychology, but it also includes tachyons, gravity waves, and some rather nifty orbital calculations.

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    Shiva Descending. His breakthrough novel, Timescape, won both the Nebula and John W. Campbell Memorial Awards, and he has been nominated for the Hugo Award four times and the Nebula twelve times in all categories. Benford has undertaken collaborations with David Brin and Arthur C. He has also written for television and served as a scientific consultant on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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    Gregory Benford lives in California, where he is currently Professor of Plasma Physics and Astrophysics at the University of California, Irvine, a position he has held since The World According to Anna. Wheels of Terror. The Abyssinian Proof.